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Chachapoyas, on the river Utcubamba, is the capital of the Province of Chachapoyas in the south of the Department of Amazonas, Peru. It is at a height of 2,334 metres above sea level in the Peruvian sierra or mountain region, and has an average annual temperature of around 15oC. It is located 1,191 km from Lima and 193 km from Moyobamba, passing through Bagua and Pedro Ruiz Gallo.

It was founded on 5th September 1538 by the Spanish conquistador Alonso de Alvarado.  The actual location of Chachapoyas has changed several times during its history.

One of the climatic features of this zone it the thick cloud and mist which covers the area during the rainy season. This probably gave Chachapoyas its original name of Sachapuyos, a quechua word which means "cloud mountain".

The city still preserves many of its colonial mansions with large courtyards and clay tile roofs. Some of these are now hotels, hostels and restaurants.

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Archaelogical information:
Keith Muscutt - Author of Warriors of the Clouds. 

Tour operators and tour companies:
Chachapoyas Tours SAC - Working with the Amazonas community to provide low impact lodging and responsible adventure tourism for Kuelap and the Gran Vilaya valley. All the income from the Kuelap lodge network they have donated to the area is reinvested into the local community, protecting archeology such as the pre-inca ruins and the inca trail network, and in developing the lodge network for the benefits of tourists and local people.

Look at the information on about Keith Muscutt's interesting book on the Chachapoya, their history and archaeology called "Warriors of the Clouds : A Lost Civilization in the Upper Amazon of Peru". Or visit Keith's site about the book.

The pre-inca fortress at Kuelap

The mummies (see my links page)
Lake of the Condors

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Chachapoyas Amazonas Peru - View over city
View over the city of Chachapoyas

plaza de armas - main square

The plaza de armas - town square

Kuelap fortress
Kuelap - The impressive pre-inca fortress